Photograph © Sam Travers

My paintings are visual poems about the English countryside. I paint quickly and instinctively and try and evoke the seasons, weather, atmosphere and mood of the landscape. My aim is to create simple, powerful, beautiful paintings that attempt to capture the colours, light and feeling of the ever changing landscape that I love.  

I mainly work in oils but I also work in collage. I work out of a studio I built in a village outside Bath where I also make all my own frames. 

Exhibition History

2023 Fosse Gallery, Georgia Stoneman, Solo Show Glove Factory Studios

2022 Moorwood Art, Amanda Aldous, Fosse Gallery, Georgia Stoneman

2021 Moorwood Art, Amanda Aldous, Fosse Gallery

2020 Glebe Gallery, Amanda Aldous, Twenty Twenty Gallery, Fosse Gallery

2019 RWA Open Exhibition, Glebe Gallery solo exhibition, Fosse Gallery

2018 RWA Open Exhibition, Fosse Gallery,

2017 RWA Open Exhibition, BSA Open Exhibition, Piers Feetham, Fosse Gallery

2016 Piers Feetham Gallery, Russell Gallery

2015 Piers Feetham Gallery, Russell Gallery

2014 UK Open Art Competition, Twenty Twenty Gallery solo show